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Case Study: Go CWI

Like many tech companies CWI was founded in a small garage, with a mission to supply refurbished spare parts to service companies, corporate end-users, and parts dealers. Today CWI has  offices on both the east coast and west coast and a combined total of 50,000 square feet of warehouse with state of the art inventory tracking. They now support over 30 dedicated employees, and have built relationships and systems to provide customers with superior value.

go cwi

Challenge: A rapidly growing business can easily gobble up time and resources. When CWI stopped to catch their breath, they noticed a website that had become stagnant and no longer reflected their company; social media accounts that were neglected; and blog posts that were several years old.

Solution: IQnection became the outsourced marketing team for the busy CWI staff. From updates to the site design, to blog posts, to drip email campaigns; IQnection provided the services necessary to breathe energy into CWI's online presence. In 2015 CWI saw a year-over-year increase of over 35% in unique monthly visitors to their website.

Web site design and Development, Content Marketing Strategy: Email Marketing Campaign, Blogging, Social Media Promotion, Google AdWords Campaign