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Case Study: Piper Classics

A second generation family business, Piper Classics works hard to provide customers with exceptional service and the very best in country, primitive & farmhouse home decor. Pipers' roots in country living and country furniture has provided them with a  keen understanding of their audiences' styles and preferences, earning them a loyal following of repeat customers.

Piper Classics Inbound Marketing Improvements

Challenge: Piper's group of loyal customers had provided a solid base for growth. But existing marketing efforts were talking to the same group of customers rather than identifying new ones. In order to ensure growth for the next generation, Piper needed to pull in some newer styles and some new faces.

Solution: IQnection did inbound marketing research to really get to know the Piper audience, and then we created a content marketing strategy just for them. Through the use of social sharing of things like recipes and decorating ideas, IQnection was able to leverage the social networks of our clients existing customer base to drive growth in new customers.