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Case Study: ProCorr Display & Packaging

ProCorr Display & Packaging and its parent company TriState Container were built on the belief that customer needs and requirements must be met.  In order to deliver on customer needs and requirements, ProCorr manufactures ALL displays and graphic packaging in AIB-recognized 'clean' and safe environments where dust is kept at a minimum, product production flow is optimized for speed-to-market and design creativity is at its best.   This means their customer's  in-store, POP displays and retail-ready graphic packaging will be of the highest quality.  Expert advice and ideas on cost-savings opportunities are provided to their customers.

Challenge:  Procorr was a supplier with a superior product and service who needed to stand apart from its competition who had a stronger marketing presence.  A new website that highlights the things that are important to Procorr's ideal customer was another important part of the project.


Solution: The project started with persona research and then a website redesign.  Attention was made to have a creative site that provides opportunity for ProCorr to showcase its products and to describe for the audience how ProCorr provides excellent consultation, on-time delivery, and high quality; all withing a clean and safe environment.