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Case Study: US Tape

Founded by surveyor Justus Roe in 1876, U.S. Tape has been an innovator in the invention and manufacture of steel tape measures  that continue to serve as industry benchmarks. U.S. Tape continues to manufacture and distribute a variety of specialty tapes for professionals in occupations as wide -ranging as oil field services, to masonry, to surveying. 

us tape

Challenge: When we began our engagement, US Tape had recently acquired several companies in specialty areas within tape manufacturing.  We needed to re-brand a series of sites - including the corporate parent -  to clearly communicate the strength of the new organization. We needed to achieve this  without alienating loyal customers of existing brands.


Solution: The design and development team made a careful review of the companies within the US Tape family, identifying the brand strengths of each. We incorporated key elements from each brand into the parent site in a way that unified the presentation, while preserving the character of each unique business entity.