How Inbound Marketing Delivers Customers

The Challenge that B2B Companies Face...

Buyers are not engaging with you until they are ready to make their final purchasing decision.

Buyers are opting for less risky forms of interaction because they don’t want to be "sold to", and the internet allows customers to avoid unwanted interactions. Buyers are gathering pre-purchase information through an online research process which does not include a salesperson. How do you once again become part of the conversation? 

Research shows that customers first contact your sales team when they are 57% of the way through their buying process.

Understanding that buyers don't engage your sales team as a first step means that you need to rethink your sales process and move content to the places where buyers are looking for it.  What can be moved out of the conference room and onto your company's website and social media channels?  By moving information into the online channels that your customers are using, you are once again, part of the conversation. 

Not everyone who finds your website is ready to make a purchase

In fact, the reason that most websites fail to generate the sales leads your team needs, is that they are targeting the wrong step of the decision-making process. To align with your customers, it is important to understand what we call "the buyer's journey," - the three step process a potential customer takes before buying. It looks like this:

IQnection creates content and engagement at every stage of the journey, allowing you to convert uncertain visitors into loyal customers.

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