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The old ways of lead generation and letting the world know about your business aren’t working anymore. People go out of their way to avoid intrusive advertising, and technology makes it easier for them to screen and filter unwanted messages and calls every day. Enter a new approach -- Inbound Content Marketing -- with a focus on the customer's interests and needs. When you speak to topics that your customers care about, you earn their interest and attract them to your brand in a way that allows a relationship to flourish.

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What is Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers?

As a B2B manufacturer, you know that most of your potential customers are doing research before deciding about a service or product. Much of that research happens online. Today, 60% of the purchase decision is made prior to customers ever speaking with a sales representative. That’s why inbound marketing is so important for companies like yours. Implementing Inbound marketing for manufacturing firms means taking a multi-faceted approach to attracting new customers. By creating interesting, valuable content published regularly and distributed widely, you remain top of mind throughout the research process and develop a rapport with your visitors. Inbound content marketing nurtures your visitors through the decision-making process and keeps them engaged with your company until they are ready to become a customer.


7 Tools For A More Effective Sales Team

Over the past 10 years, B2B buyer behavior has changed dramatically. That means the practices of your sales team need to change dramatically as well - and fast.

This guide to boosting your sales team's performance shares the 7 essential tools that will have your staff qualifying more leads and closing more deals in a shorter amount of time than ever before.

  • How the savviest sales representative use LinkedIn
  • How to personalize your content for different prospects
  • How to find a CRM your team will actually use

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