Featured Manufacturing Projects

We have been privileged to do website design and online marketing projects for some of the strongest manufacturing companies in our area and across the country. Strong messaging, compelling visual presentation, and stable technical solutions have given these clients a website platform from which to grow their online marketing initiatives.

  • Gallagher Seals

  • Novatek

  • US Tape

    us tape2
  • A&E Manufacturing

    ae manufacturing2
  • Case Design Corp.

    case design2
  • Carson Helicopters

  • S-Bond Technologies

    s bond2
  • Havis

  • Specialty Ring Products, Inc.

    specialty ring

Providing Web Design & Online Marketing for Manufacturers.
Inbound Content Marketing for today's manufacturing, industrial & B2B firms.

Whether you manufacture big pieces of machinery or tiny widgets, there are people who are interested in how the things you make get made. Your audience is out there.

Manufacturers can find people who want to hear their stories – and by extension, do business with them -- through the practice of inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?
The traditional ways you market your company – ads in industry magazines, trade shows, billboards – are what’s known as “outbound marketing.” Inbound marketing refers to things you do to bring customers in, rather than going out to get their attention.

Here are 5 basic strategies your company can adopt for its inbound marketing campaign.
1. Make sure leads can find you – use the right keywords
2. Your content should help solve their problems – deliver the right content at the right time
3. Use social media to engage -- not just inform
4. Help visitors to become prospects by using inbound tools
5. Keep the conversation going – send them additional related content

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