The IQnection Dashboard is a proprietary, value-added online toolkit IQnection designed to provide user-friendly access to in-depth business intelligence regarding the impact of your digital marketing effort. With an integrated suite of custom curated tools, the Dashboard consolidates insights from phone calls, social media mentions, online reviews, website traffic, and leads in one place so that you can easily measure – and improve – your marketing ROI. We’re pleased to offer this exceptionally beneficial online toolkit to all our clients at no cost as part of our engagement. 

How the Dashboard Works

When you engage our digital marketing agency, we’ll select the best marketing tools from our robust collection of Dashboard features to reveal the most valuable data points for your campaign and company. Then, we’ll customize your Dashboard interface using the selected tools, and connect your campaign data to filter into the marketing tool automatically. Finally, you’ll receive a unique username and password so that you can log into your Dashboard any time to monitor performance, build a digital marketing lead database, or get more mileage out of your marketing budget.

1.We review and customize your Dashboard features based on your business

2.We set your unique login credentials and turn on the tool


You log in and monitor your results

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Dashboard Marketing Tools

Call TrackingCall Tracking

Have you ever wondered how many prospective customers decide to call you after finding you online? The Call Tracking marketing tool in the IQnection Dashboard allows you to track web-driven phone calls, even if the caller does not leave a message. With an un-trackable office number on your site, phone call conversions are often difficult to monitor. However, with the help of the IQnection Dashboard, you can connect the dots between a website visit and a phone call. The Call Tracking marketing tool also lets you know if the caller used a landline or mobile phone, allowing you to follow up via text message, if applicable.

  • A dedicated number on your website lets you know who called
  • Track every call generated from your site, even if they don’t leave a message
  • Get detailed information about your callers, including location, known associates, and date and time of the call
  • Follow up via text if the caller used a mobile phone

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FB Monitoring2Facebook Monitoring 

The Dashboard’s Facebook Monitoring tool alerts you to business-relevant social media conversations in private Facebook groups so that you can follow up on potential leads. This feature is not available on any other social media monitoring platform. For instance, if you’re an electrician in Philadelphia, you may be interested to know if a Facebook group member posted a question to the community about a recommendation for a trustworthy electrician. With Facebook Monitoring, you’ll receive notification of such an inquiry so that you can respond to the post and seize the potential business opportunity before your competitors. 

While you must become a member of targeted Facebook groups to use this marketing tool, the monitoring feature sends automatic alerts about relevant conversations, so you never have to sift through the conversations manually.

  • Track keywords pertinent to your business in your Facebook groups
  • Receive alerts about business-relevant Facebook group conversations
  • Answer questions and respond to requests for recommendations
  • Establish authority in your field and connect with potential customers

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Leads DBLead Database

Your customized Dashboard includes a Lead Database marketing tool, which displays the contacts at companies that have visited your website all in one convenient place. It categorizes each lead by industry, company size, annual revenue, location, and other criteria. You can also choose to flag companies you want to save so that you can incorporate them into your company’s sales funnel.

  • Easily reference the unique identity of your website visitors and turn them into leads
  • Sort and filter the leads by industry, company size, revenue, and more
  • Save companies you want to add to your sales funnel

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ReviewsReview Monitoring 

Online reviews continue to influence purchasing decisions for both B2B and B2C companies. In fact, more than 90% of consumers consult reviews before making a big purchase. And unfortunately, they aren’t merely looking at the positive reviews. About 82% of people will bypass positive reviews of your business in favor of negative ones so they can learn why others were dissatisfied. The built-in Review Monitoring marketing tool on our customized Dashboard monitors online reviews from major review sites, helps secure new reviews, notifies you of posted reviews, flags negative reviews, and provides pro tips for complaint responses.

Consumers aren’t the only ones who care about online reviews – Google does too. It elevates businesses with positive reviews to the top of its index. Effectively managing your reviews will help to optimize your SEO and lead generation efforts.

  • Track reviews from many online review sites on one convenient screen
  • Respond quickly to complaints
  • Thank satisfied customers
  • Convert dissatisfied customers back into fans
  • Encourage four- and five-star reviewers to leave the same glowing review on other review sites

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Visitor IDVisitor Identification

It’s often challenging to know which companies visit your website looking for information about the products or services you offer. Most times, you must rely on the visitor taking an action, such as making a phone call or submitting a contact form. But what if they don’t take such an action? The Dashboard’s Visitor Identification marketing tool can track companies visiting your website, even if they don’t contact you for more information. This tool automatically pulls in profile information about visiting organizations, such as company size, revenue, contact information, and more. These insights are particularly helpful for sales teams looking to build out verified lead lists.

The Visitor Identification tool can be integrated with marketing automation platforms, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, or SharpSpring, so you can sync the data seamlessly and expand your prospect database.

  • Find out which companies have visited your website
  • Use our wide-ranging firmographic database to find information about the company’s size, revenue, year founded, etc.
  • Identify and save the visiting companies that most closely match your ideal prospect
  • Sync company visitors with your marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot or MailChimp

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Reports2Marketing Reports

Forget having to remember Google login information to review your website performance! Your customized Dashboard comes with a Marketing Reports tool, complete with a Website Traffic Report that uses embedded information from Google Data Studio. Here, you’ll find one easy interface to review critical business intelligence about your website activity, including visitor data, SEO and paid search performance, and conversions. You can generate report data on-demand by simply inputting a desired date range. The Marketing Reports tool also has a convenient location to view Strategy Reports that contain insights about the specific digital marketing tactics in your campaign.

  • View all your Google and website traffic data
  • Generate on-demand reports by date range
  • View customized Strategy Reports based on your campaign
  • Easily access reports in one convenient location

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Benefits of the Dashboard

With this no-cost, value-added marketing tool, you can:

  • Access website and campaign performance data in one convenient screen

  • Monitor digital marketing ROI more closely

  • Generate a higher return on every marketing dollar you spend 

  • Make smarter decisions and connect with more potential customers

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Dashboard FAQs

What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is an incredibly user-friendly online toolkit featuring a consolidation of visibility and marketing tools to help you measure and improve marketing ROI. We’ve layered essential technology on one convenient screen to make each marketing tool more valuable than standalone components.

Do other digital marketing agencies offer this Dashboard?

No. Because we have a deep technical skillset, we were able to create the IQ Dashboard internally. The Dashboard is available exclusively for IQnection clients. It is a proprietary online marketing toolkit we chose built to add even more transparency and value to our client engagements. 

How much does it cost?

We’re proud to offer all the essential data and business intelligence in the Dashboard for no additional fee because we’re committed to helping you achieve as much success as possible from our engagement.

Will my Dashboard include every marketing tool listed on this page?

When we initiate our engagement, we’ll work together to determine which marketing tools make the most sense for your business. While every client will have access to Marketing Reports and the Lead Database, we’ll tailor the remainder of your online toolkit to reflect only the data you need and care about… all at no additional cost. 

How many people in my company can access the Dashboard?

We’ll provide one set of login credentials for your company that you’re welcome to share with multiple users. The marketing tools in your Dashboard will be available for you and your team to access 24/7. 

Are you interested in learning more about the marketing tools available in the dashboard? Contact us to discover how to leverage this no-cost, proprietary online toolkit to generate more business.

Are you interested in learning more about the marketing tools available in the dashboard? Contact us to discover how to leverage this no-cost, proprietary online toolkit to generate more business.

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