One of the most frequent questions new clients ask is, “How important is social media, anyway?” While some people perceive it merely as a means to share family photos or the recipe they’re cooking for dinner, a business-oriented social media strategy can pay dividends for both B2C and B2B companies. With a vast store of user demographic information available for each platform, our social media management approach centers on maximizing each platform’s unique use, voice, rhythm, and user consumption patterns for the most impact. Our deep roots in the digital marketing space give us the know-how to leverage each platform effectively for a variety of companies – from biotech to law, and everything in between.

Benefits of Social Media Management for Businesses

Expand your reach – One of the primary benefits of social media is that it allows you to harness your best customers’ brand loyalty and enthusiasm. Leveraging these preexisting relationships enables you to grow your reach, leading to increased sales and even greater customer loyalty.

Extend thought leadership and build trust – People tend to trust experts. Strategically crafted social media campaigns with solution-oriented content can extend your thought leadership and position you as an authority in your industry, eventually becoming the first place your target looks for answers and advice. 

Enhance search visibility – When deciding whether to rank your content in search engine results, Google looks for signs of relevancy and popularity. Our social media management services can contribute to cultivating a healthy backlink profile to cue these signals for enhanced ranking efforts.

Boost website traffic – With a strong social media presence that shares useful content, compels action, and refers users to your website for answers, this digital marketing tactic has the power to generate a significant uptick in traffic to your site.

Earn business opportunities – With a greater reach, trust, visibility, and website traffic, our social media management services can help you generate business opportunities that directly impact your bottom line.

Our social media management services include the following platforms: 

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LinkedIn Social Media Management

Designed primarily to help professionals and B2B companies connect and network online, LinkedIn offers many opportunities to attract referrals, customers, and talent that can give your company a leg up on the competition. As LinkedIn experts, we have the tools and strategies to leverage this business-centered social media platform to generate results for your company. 

  • Geared for professionals and B2B companies
  • Establish connections and partnerships
  • Attract referrals, customers, and new talent


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Facebook Social Media Management

As the largest social media platform, Facebook reports over 2.6 billion users worldwide, making it capable of reaching a broad audience. It’s an ideal platform to showcase your company’s personality while building relationships and generating loyal followers and customers. If this channel makes sense for your company, our vast social media management expertise on Facebook can level up your social media presence.

  • Reach a wide audience
  • Showcases the “human” side of your brand
  • Build relationships and generate loyal followers


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Twitter Social Media Management

If your company frequently distributes time-sensitive messaging, breaking news, or announcements, Twitter may be a viable player in your social media campaign. Designed for short and easily digestible content, Twitter has the potential to powerfully convey bite-sized information to your followers. Our social media management strategies for Twitter are sound and savvy, helping you get the most from this fast-paced platform. 

  • Ideal for time-sensitive information
  • Fast-paced platform
  • Content is bite-sized


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Instagram Social Media Management

As a robust visual digital marketing channel, Instagram is quickly becoming another strong social media marketing option for some businesses. As part of our social media management services, we’ll assess whether your audience is using Instagram and identify a strategy to leverage this visual storytelling platform to its fullest potential. 

  • Visual storytelling platform using images and video
  • Showcase corporate culture, products, or services
  • Fun and playful vibe


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Pinterest Social Media Management

Beautiful graphics take center stage yet again on Pinterest, where the target audience trends more female than male. Executive headshots, visuals from your website, infographics and data, and e-book or book covers are just a few ways to engage the Pinterest audience. If your target audience is using Pinterest, we’ll create a comprehensive social media management strategy to engage and delight.

  • Often referenced as a pre-purchase resource
  • Feature visuals of products and services
  • Interest areas range from auto, food, fashion, and travel


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You Tube Social Media Management

Mastering the art of YouTube involves creating and posting interactive videos that aim to build your follower network. Owned by Google, this video-driven social media platform is becoming a dominant source for global video traffic, second only to Netflix. Our YouTube social media management services will aim to showcase your company’s unique offerings, grow your follower base, and generate leads.

  • Interactive video-based platform
  • Maintain your own business YouTube channel
  • Build followers and leads


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Our Verticals

With a portfolio including both B2B and B2C clients in the greater Philadelphia area, we are skilled in social media management in a wide variety of verticals, including:



Companies in industries such as law, construction and development, finance, technology, and other professional services have leveraged our advanced social media skill set to help move the needle. When combined with a strategic mix of our other digital marketing services, social media management can benefit a variety of professional businesses. 


Manufacturing & industrial

Social media management can be especially beneficial for helping B2B companies in manufacturing and industrial industries increase brand awareness and establish subject matter expertise. However, it takes specialized knowledge to identify the optimal platforms and execute a strategy that resonates and engages your target audience. Look to our team of seasoned digital marketing pros to help your manufacturing or industrial business capitalize on the benefits of social media in your industry.

Med Bio

Medical & biotech 

The social media opportunities in the medical and biotech industry are astounding, particularly when it comes to sharing thought leadership with strategic audiences. Rely on the unrivaled digital marketing expertise of our team of digital marketing experts to effectively reach highly niche audiences in the scientific space. With a shared belief in the power of science, we have the experience and track record to advance your mission.

Choose IQnection for Social Media Management

Our brand promise rests in a commitment to professionalism, expertise, and incredibly high standards for creative and technical deliverables. When it comes to social media management, we stand by this promise. Whether your company is new to social media, or wants to amplify its impact, expect a first-class experience every step of the way. We craft strategic social media campaigns designed with business growth in mind and provide expert management and reporting capabilities with helpful insights reflected in our proprietary Dashboard interface included with every engagement. With decades of experience in the digital marketing ecosystem, we’re uniquely qualified to become your trusted partner in marketing – and business. 

  • Business growth-centric philosophy
  • High standards for creative and technical deliverables
  • Approachable and relatable
  • A full-service digital agency with a seasoned team
  • 20+ years of digital marketing experience
  • High client retention rate
Is your target audience using social media? No matter your industry or area of expertise, the chances are good they are. Contact us to learn more about whether social media management is right for your company.

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