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Video Helps to Tell Your Remarkable Story

We bring your story to life and connect you to website audiences around the world. We deliver high-quality creative video solutions designed for online distribution. With our vast development experience, designing and launching well over a thousand company's websites, we have learned that video can deliver a better message, in a shorter time, with greater value. Alongside our proven marketing approach, inbound video production has us one step ahead with successfully captivating target audiences. 

3 Reasons to Use Video

Search Engines

Search engine spiders frequently visit the most popular video portals. Those spiders will follow the link in your video to your website, which will lead to it being indexed in record time. If your business operates in a niche that isn’t terribly competitive, this process will help your website quickly achieve a much higher search engine ranking.

Social Media

Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube see massive amounts of traffic on an ongoing basis. If your video is engaging, huge numbers of people will watch it.  In turn, many of those people will click on your link and visit your site.  Video is so important to Social Media that Facebook has a dedicated video feed in their interface.

Increases Dwell Time

Including video on your website’s homepage and landing pages will considerably increase the average on-page time per visitor. That will increase your search engine results page (SERP) authority, which, in time, will move your website even higher in the search engine rankings that matter most to your company.

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